When will my work be finished ?

Harry M. Pope was the finest rifle barrel maker of the late 19th early 20th century. All the competition shooters wanted a rifle barrel made by him. He had a sign in his shop that said to this effect;

” I work 6 days a week from sun up till sun down. Winter puts me behind. If you want to know when your work will be ready. It’s ready now. Take it with you.”

One case with interior

An interior has been dry fitted into one case. The dividers are set into the cases by cutting blind dados  on the inside of each case. This is the same way a till is set into a blanket chest.

Dividers for the cases

Each case is divided for 12 bottles. The dividers have been fitted together and will be put in when the cases are glued.

Cases dry fitted

The cases are dry fitted together. The walnut for these cellerats was cut over 80 years ago.  It was cut from a region of the mountains that was to become The Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

Secondary wood is Southern Long Leaf  Pine.  This shows the differance between old growth,on top, and new growth, on bottom, . I’m useing old growth for this project.

Blind dovetails cut

Both cases have been blind dovetailed.

Close up of one of the cases.

Marking the tails

The pins have been cut and are used to mark the tails.

Blind dovetails

This is the start of building a pair of cellerats. The cases are blind dovetailed together in the front. This shows cutting the dovetails with a back saw.