cellerats progression series

The cellerats are finished.

Another project comes to a close in the shop.

The finishing has begun.

Finishing is always my favorite time in a project. The finish brings out the rich color of the wood. After so long sitting in the white the wood comes alive when the finish is applied.

This is the final touch

The tops are inlaied

The cellerats are coming along

This one is ready to have the top inlayed.

The drawers are finished.

The cellerats are progressing along. The drawers are finished. The cock beading around the fronts is apple wood.

The stands await the drawers

The stands have been glued, molding mitered and attached, case support in place, and drawer runners attached. Next will be building the drawers. Thess are reproductions of 18th century N.C. cellerats. Reproductions are more tedious . This is because I am trying to be as close to the original  as possible.

Case and Stand

The first stand has been fitted up. There will be a cross stretcher added between the side stretcher. I won’t be adding anything for a few days. I’ve got to get ready for the Ramsey House Country Fair.

The progression of work

The mortise  and tenons are all cut. The next step is to fit them to  each other.

Sticks of molding have been run. This molding will be attached to the stand and capture the case.

The tops and bottoms have been cut to size. The edges of the tops have had the molding run on them.

One case with interior

An interior has been dry fitted into one case. The dividers are set into the cases by cutting blind dados  on the inside of each case. This is the same way a till is set into a blanket chest.