Veneer Work

The sideboard has a new top.

The new top has been put on the base.

Close up of the  new top.

I want to start sharing the number of hours that it takes to complete a project.  On this top to veneer it up, start to finish,  was 57 hours. I hope this will help others to make better estimates on similar work.  I may go back to older post and give the hours on the work.

Out of the veneer press

The top came out of the veneer press perfect.  The vacuum press does a wonderful job by applying an even pressure of 1200 lbs.  per square foot .

New top being taped up

After doing a full size layout I made four different templates to cut out the pattern. I use blue painters tape to hold the parts together. All the veneer was sized before cutting. This makes the veneer more flexible when handling and cutting.

After the main pattern of the top was taped I added the inlay.

The last step was to add the cross banding to the top.  Then it went into a vacuum bag to be pressed until the glue sets.  I use a two part resin glue for gluing.

Veneer Sled

This is a veneer sled that I use to join veneer.  I made it out of white pine because it is very stable. The sled runs in the miter grove of the saw.  I ripped the left hand side of the sled on the saw. The  blade is even with the side of the sled. The board that holds the veneer is bowed so the clamps hold the veneer tight to the sled. Sleds can be made any length to accommodate different length of veneer. This  one is about 6′ long.

English Sideboard (Breakfast Furniture)

This is an English Sideboard made before breakfast this morning, Breakfast Furniture. A client bought it in the dark by flashlight. Never do that. The top is made of two pieces of deal and then veneered. The deal substrait  had badly cupped and shrank. This had an adverse affect on the veneer.

The only solution to this  problem was to make a new top.