Antique Restoration

My philosophy is to return each piece to what the cabinetmaker originally intended, with minimal intrusion. Restorations are done as to be nearly invisible. The work is completed with care in a timely manner. I strive for perfection and settle for excellence.

It is my thorough understanding of the techniques by which these period pieces were designed and built that makes my restoration complete and historically correct. All restorations are documented to preserve the history of the piece. All the glues and finishes that I use are reversible so that a hundred years from now, should the piece again need attention, it can be worked on without harm.

Clients can watch the progress of restoration of their piece on the home page of this web site, where I post updated photographs at least once weekly.

Architectural Preservation

When someone owns a historic house and wants to restore it, they may not know the correct molding, door style, or mantel that should be used. I have studied period architecture of the 18th and early 19th centuries and know what is correct for each architectural style.  I create and install baseboard, chair rail, and crown moldings for each period, as well as doors, mantels, stairs, and stair rails that are historically correct for your period house.

Historical Consultation

Many people believe they are buying an antique when actually the piece is a fake or reproduction. I will accompany a client to an auction or antique shop to verify the authenticity and condition of a piece of furniture before the piece is purchased.