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Slant-Front Desk

After 38 years I  know how to make a new piece of walnut match the color of 200 year old wood. Bail pulls and escutcheons are from Ball and Ball. The finish is brushed shellac. The finish  was rubbed out and waxed.

I believe this desk is from Pennsylvania, 1790-1810, because of the secondary woods that were used.  The desk is 44 1/4″H, 39 3/4″ W, 22″ D. The price is $2,800.00.

Eastlake Cylinder Desk

This is an Eastlake Cylinder Desk (1880’s)  that I recently found. At first glance it didn’t look like to much was wrong with it. Once I had it in the shop I could see it need some attention. There was a poor lacquer finish on it. The writing surface was covered in cheep red felt and would not slid out. The pivots for the cylinder were worn out. Not shown is the upper book case that covers the cylinder and pigeonhole interior. I’ll cover that in another post. The lower photo is after being stripped.

Plantation Desk

This is a plantation desk made out of walnut, secondary wood is white pine. The top of the table is two wide boards of walnut. The top had been nailed on. This caused the top to crack and split at the glue joint. I repaired this and reattached the top so it could float to allow for expansion and contraction. The drawers and runners were badly worn. I resoled the drawers  and replaced the drawer runners. The finish was gone. I put a new finish on of shellac. The writing surface is the original oil cloth and is in very good condition. This would date from1830-1840. Dimensions : height 57″ : with 39″; depth 24 3/4″.The price is $1,700.00 .