Greene Co. Tenn. Flat back cupboard

 This is how the cupboard looked when I first saw it in the back of an antique shop. The owner wanted me to restore the piece. It had several coats of paint on it. The feet had half rotted off, the crown molding was missing as were the doors, and the cupboard had been sawed into. The ends were originally one board. To strip it took 40 hours, three gallons of stripper, and three gallons of Acetone. When I had it stripped down to bare wood I realized that some time in the past that it had been refinished with a belt sander. The original wood surface with patina was Gone. Had I known this I would have taken it to someone that had a stripping tank. This is only the second antique that I have ever had to sand out because of the course belt sanding marks left on it.

The mate to this cupboard can be found  on page 188 Fig. 232 in the book “Art and Mystery of Tennessee Furniture”.  That one was made out of walnut and is dated to 1790 – 1820. This one is made out of cherry but they were both made in the same shop.

 I used old lumber to restore this with. I restored the bracket foot base, made new doors, and crown molding. The total time to restore this piece was 138 hours.

One response

  1. Tom Lane

    Buddy, Thank you so much for taking on the restoration of this of Greene County cupboard. I am so grateful that you came in to our shop that day which led to this piece being saved. I absolutely love your work! I have more things that need your magic touch. Tom

    June 3, 2017 at 11:57 am

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