Veneer Sled

This is a veneer sled that I use to join veneer.  I made it out of white pine because it is very stable. The sled runs in the miter grove of the saw.  I ripped the left hand side of the sled on the saw. The  blade is even with the side of the sled. The board that holds the veneer is bowed so the clamps hold the veneer tight to the sled. Sleds can be made any length to accommodate different length of veneer. This  one is about 6′ long.

English Sideboard (Breakfast Furniture)

This is an English Sideboard made before breakfast this morning, Breakfast Furniture. A client bought it in the dark by flashlight. Never do that. The top is made of two pieces of deal and then veneered. The deal substrait  had badly cupped and shrank. This had an adverse affect on the veneer.

The only solution to this  problem was to make a new top.

Class date has been changed

The date of the class for blind dovetailed ogee bracket feet has been changed to Sat. Dec. 10. There are still openings for the class.

Wooton Desk

This is a Ladies Model Plain Wooton Desk made out of oak. I will give this desk to whom ever pays me to restore it.

I got this desk from a neighbor of mine in Knoxville several years ago. His grandfather worked for the railroad in  southwest Virginia at the turn of the 20th century. The train station caught on fire one night. They rushed in and threw this desk out in order to save the papers it held.

I think that it  will be about $10,000.00 to restore this desk.

Sargent Combination Plane For Sale

This is a Sargent 1080 Combination Plane with 18 cutters. The irons have not been sharpened accept for the sash cutter , that I sharpened. There is no rust or pitting on plane or cutters. The plane has both spurs and is in very good condition.

The price is $ 150.00 plus shipping. Payable by check or money order. Shipment will be made when the check clears the bank. Tenn. sales tax applies to residents of Tenn.

Learn how to make Blind Dovetail Ogee Bracket Feet

I will teach a class in my shop Sat. Nov. 5  starting at 9 am on how to make blind dovetail ogee bracket feet. The class size will be limited to 6.  Prerequisite for the class is students must know how to hand  dovetail. Tools students need to bring are a back saw , set of bench chisels, mallet, ear plugs, and safety glasses. Bring a lunch. I will provide drinks. The class will go into the afternoon. Everyone will make a blind dovetail ogee bracket foot to take with them.

The fee for the class is $100.00 payable the morning of the class. To sign up for the class call 423-743-5643 or email  . If you need directions contact me.

Clinch River Fall Antique Festival

The 11th annual antique street festival will be Fri. Oct. 7 and Sat. Oct. 8 in Clinton, Tenn. I’ll be demonstrating Sat. Oct. 8 on the patio at The Shoppe At 350  Market. Hope to see you all then . It will be fun and some great buys in antiques.

Workbench that is easy to move

This is a work bench made by Sjobers in Sweden that Woodcraft carries. With a little modification it is great for the job site or demonstrations. It comes with a tail vice and two rows of dogs. At 32″ high that is a little low for me. I made raising blocks out of 2″x 6″ hemlock This added some much needed weight. The bench didn’t have a side vice. When the vice was installed again the weight helped. Also added was the board support with 3/4″ holes two inches apart. The bench is quite sturdy for surface  or edge planeing .

Slant-Front Desk

After 38 years I  know how to make a new piece of walnut match the color of 200 year old wood. Bail pulls and escutcheons are from Ball and Ball. The finish is brushed shellac. The finish  was rubbed out and waxed.

I believe this desk is from Pennsylvania, 1790-1810, because of the secondary woods that were used.  The desk is 44 1/4″H, 39 3/4″ W, 22″ D. The price is $2,800.00.

Ogee Bracket feet blind dovetailed

To me there was evidence that this desk had ogee bracket feet . Any time I make ogee bracket feet they are blind dovetailed together. Not all old feet were done this way. Most of the time they were mitered and butt jointed. The back feet are half blind dovetailed. I was taught to build furniture second to none and I apply that to my restoration as well. In another post I will show how to make blind dovetailed ogee bracket feet.